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How not to build a business

In this article I bring to your attention some points that arise in the network business quite often, because this is a business that cannot grow and exist without live communication with customers, partners, and the people you want to invite to this business. I think that many readers of my site will be able to recall such situations, and also hope that the material of this article will be useful for you in practice, and not only in network marketing.

So, let’s see and discuss how not to build a direct sales business.

And the first point, we note the indifference. When you communicate with a person who can become your partner or client, show more interest in the interlocutor – this will be a good foundation in the relationship, as well as a basis for mutually beneficial business development. Before you live companion, not a receipt.

The second point we note too much zeal. Clients are different people, you need to offer your goods without fanaticism, and do not rush to pick up the fallen trifle. And then you will get a big return for your work.

The third point is your inaccessibility for partners and clients. If you find it difficult to catch schools, get personal advice, etc., then your team will not last long. As they say, you should be within reach. Especially in our time, when there are so many ways to communicate! The best option is to call back.

Obsession will go fourth. For example, when you serve a customer, you need to remember the line between tediousness and good service. You need to control everything and do not forget to give the client time to think.

Fifth – non-professional image. In the network business, everyone has his own approach and his own methods of work, and everyone is free to choose his own way here, but you need to remember that you are a serious business, and are an example of success, and also create an opinion about this business.

The sixth point is to be a very “cool” super expert. Network business is a simple business (but not an easy one). It’s just how to open the door by turning the key. But if you will be very important, especially before newcomers, you will greatly undermine the belief that they can build this business.

The seventh is to waste money. Do not bother to throw dust in the eyes of the client. If you already have a good income and you can afford more than your client, do not show it with him.

Behind this is item eight – pettiness. This is the same disadvantage as waste. Less trivia, after a business breakfast, for example, take the first account – this is a good investment. But there is one thing … NEVER pay someone the way in the network business.

Nine – put pressure. First of all, this is unnecessary, in any case, secondly, people must make their own decisions (think), and you should be on the side of a potential client or partner, help him decide and make the right choice for him. After all, they do not put pressure on partners, do they?

The tenth point is to babysit newcomers, and some partners with “experience”. If they themselves do not want to stand on their two, then you will not help them in this. And think for yourself: what’s the point of building a network business, if you do all the work for your partners yourself? This is not a kindergarten and success is achieved here by people who are serious about business.

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