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Online store, as a way to run your own business

Any owner of a small business (for example, a workshop) or an entrepreneur who has a shop, thinks that it would be nice to try to look for customers on the Internet. And these expectations are fully justified, because the sphere of sales and services is being actively implemented in the network. Online store is a very correct and effective solution for almost any business.


First you need to understand whether it makes any sense to engage in maintaining an online store in a particular case. This is explained by a simple example: an ordinary grocery stand or a small store will suffer a guaranteed collapse, since there is practically no practice of working with products in the Russian-speaking area of ​​the Internet. Even large network retailers did not dare to enter this market, as there are a huge number of insurmountable obstacles. The infrastructure for working with food products is missing.

A completely different picture develops in tourist shops. Camouflage clothing and footwear, equipment, backpacks, unloading systems – all this is very well sold not only in online stores, but also social. networks. Accordingly, to create such an online store is definitely worth it.

Technical features

A very common mistake of newbies is an attempt to save on the creation and design of the site. You should not immediately go to the metropolitan web studio with exorbitant prices, but also to limit the budget of work to 10,000 rubles. for all the work (including the logo and content) is also impossible. The client is unlikely to linger on an inoperative site written by a nervous student. It is necessary to make an online store thoroughly and efficiently, then the result will not be long in coming. There are a number of key points that are worth paying special attention to:

Adaptability (pages should be displayed equally well on PCs and mobile devices).
Friendly and concise interface (the visitor should make a minimum of effort and get the maximum benefit / information).
Stable and permanent job (decided by the choice of hosting).
Reliable and variable payment system.
Information content and availability of technical support (for the prompt solution of client problems).
Advertising company and promotion

This is perhaps the most difficult part of the work on an already ready online store. Logistics is adjusted, the site works as it should, but there are no customers. We’ll have to spend a lot of money and effort on advertising promotion. The choice of strategy and tools rests on a specific niche and its employment. Somewhere contextual advertising + word of mouth will work, and somewhere you will have to immediately rush to social. networks and instant messengers. Ideally, you need to start with the already established client base. In other words, to stimulate real buyers to purchase goods just through the online store. All this is carried out in parallel with contests and promotions that encourage people to distribute information about the store.

As for contextual advertising and work with search engines, one cannot do without an appropriate specialist. To set up a successful advertising campaign, an inexperienced person is not possible. This also applies to SEO and other tools.

The final

Try to encourage customers to leave feedback, and recommend the store to friends and acquaintances. To do this, you can enter a simple reward system or build some kind of referral system with a reward.

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