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How to create a construction company

The construction market in many countries of the world is one of the fastest growing. This is due to a large number of factors, among which experts distinguish the development of the economy, the improvement of technology, and the increase in the number of people belonging to the middle class. Therefore, many have a logical question about how to create their own construction company. In order to do this, you need to go through several stages, the features of each of which can be found in this article.

Market analysis
To date, the market there are a large number of construction companies. To create their competition, it is necessary either to offer clients some kind of innovative service, or to use substantial funds for development.

It is best to choose when creating your own company that niche that is the least busy. Among the most popular are the following activities:

reconstruction of buildings or their construction from scratch;
installation and repair;
delivery of equipment and equipment;
educational work;
implementation of building materials.
The wider the range of services, the more money will have to be spent.

Drawing up a business plan
In order to assess the amount of injections needed in the company, you need to make a business plan. It should include information such as:

legal aspects related to registration;
production tasks of the enterprise;
logistical aspects;
interaction with the client base;
Advertising activity;
economic calculations of work;
possible difficulties and problems.
Based on the business plan, you can begin to take more drastic steps to create a company.

Company registration and selection of tax forms
It is recommended to register a construction company in the form of LLC. If she will carry out her work on a patent basis, you can also make an IP. In order to go through the process without problems, you need to come up with the original name, rent an office space, determine the amount of authorized capital, establish a bank account in a banking organization, make a transaction of the corresponding amount of funds for it, collect documentation, submit it to the IFTS, carry out the registration procedure, get INN, etc.

The registration process requires documents such as:

information about the company for the LLC or information about the founder for the IE;
certificate of registration of a legal entity;
statutory document of the organization;
agreement on the establishment of LLC.
In order for the company to work efficiently, you need to choose the right form of taxation. It can be general or simplified. After all the previous stages of registration are ready, it is necessary to order prints and forms, register them and carry out some other processes directly dependent on the peculiarities of the enterprise.

Obtaining permits from relevant agencies
Additionally, to start the implementation of activities it is necessary to join a self-regulatory organization (SRO). To do this, you must pay the appropriate fee, depending on the region of registration.

Without joining a SRO, only companies that perform such types of work can work:

repair of buildings and facade finish;
installation of small structural elements;
construction of houses up to three floors;
construction of block buildings (up to 10 residential blocks);
construction of houses up to 1500 m2;
IZhS, designed to stay 1 family.
In all other cases, you need to join the SRO. To do this, submit three sets of documents. To prepare them, experts advise you to contact an experienced lawyer.

Purchase of equipment, machinery and equipment, as well as recruitment
Work construction company without the appropriate material and technical base can not. Therefore, be sure to purchase such tools as:

work inventory;
tools for performing agreed tasks;
electrical and electromechanical equipment.
In order for the company to properly perform all its functions, it is necessary to hire a personnel manager, architect, builders, estimators, ancillary workers and a brigadier.

Thus, the process of creating your own construction company is very complicated. In order to simplify it, you need to seek assistance from experienced lawyers.

Own business - money or favorite business
Millions of people all over the world dream of their own business, but they cannot cope with the popular controversy - this is the confrontation between money and a favorite…


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