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How to open your pie

Starting a business today is the dream of every person. The greater the demand for services, the higher the opportunity to earn a tidy sum of money. And for the sake of this, any business begins. You can sell cakes in different ways. Someone opens a mini-cafe, someone starts their business with the opening of the kiosk, for someone it becomes important to own a small stall in the center of the trading hall.

Opening a small point you do not need to forget about the time and effort invested. These figures are always lower than when opening large retail outlets. Products can be purchased from the manufacturer or bake yourself. If the furnace is on its own, then the cost of purchasing equipment and paying workers will be significantly reduced. But in cases where there will be no cash to pay professional workers, you will have to stop production. And this is a significant disadvantage of work.

To open your business, you always need to first make a business plan. In this regard, there are always calculations of the costs of establishing your own project. It is estimated that a small room or a kiosk will . This price includes the rent. As for equipment for baking, it is best to purchase a home installation. Home to establish a cycle of work will be better.

But in your small kiosk you also need to equip a place for sale. It is necessary to acquire a microwave oven, kettle, coffee machine. In some cases, you can also purchase a refrigerator. It is possible to organize the delivery of ready-made food from one point to another. In such situations, you must use the machine. Expenses for disposable tableware and raw materials will be determined in the amount.

We must not forget about the wages of the team. To organize a business you need to take in your staff at least two bakers and two sellers. When a business develops on a large scale, then you should not forget about the loaders, accountants, managers, other hired workers.

Almost  deducted monthly for payments to workers. It is important to properly organize advertising. Delicious smell, as well as a beautifully decorated shop window – a guarantee of increased income.

Thus, to open a kiosk you need:

showcase and equipment;
employee benefits;
household appliances and other raw materials.

After such expenses, you need to think about the scheme of income. If we start from statistics, then up to 100 clients pass through marketing points per day. Moreover, their average bill is 50 rubles. They bring in one month up to 150 000 rubles. Based on these calculations, all investments pay off in about one year. But if you refuse from any expenses, for example, from a personal car, then we will be able to recoup the expenses in 4-6 months.

If everything is more or less clear with the material part, then the next step is accounting for documentation. Of course, in such situations one of the best forms of opening an account can be considered as an IE and LLC. The first one is ideally suited in cases when a partner independently opens a business, the second account becomes popular when the pie is opened with partners. If we are talking about individual entrepreneurs, then it is easiest to keep reporting documentation. In cases of bankruptcy, they do not risk losing their money. It is also much easier to get rid of IP, than to get rid of LLC. This also needs to be taken into account.

In the process of registration of documentation does not need to avoid legislation. This can lead to serious violations in the process of checking documentation. Sometimes even this can lead to the forced closure of a personal account.

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