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There are some conditions for business when it comes to small-scale production. First, investments in raw materials and equipment should not be too large, and secondly, the manufacturing technology should be simple and affordable. Some of the ideas are presented below.


Urea foam is an excellent heat insulator, so it is used in construction for thermal insulation of structures. Consequently, the demand for it is quite large, but there are not so many large producers of this product in Russia, so the idea of ​​producing this material and selling it later looks promising. Of course, no one promises leadership in a niche, but you can take a small market share.

The cost of equipment for the production of urea foam does not exceed 100,000 rubles, some companies sell for 62,000 rubles.


Packages are always in demand – they are bought by grocery stores, small stalls and even private sellers in the markets. They need any outlet, so if you offer these products at a lower price, you can find a huge customer audience. To organize such a business is easy. The only difficulty is the equipment. In fact, this is a small mini-plant, consisting of a small production line. The equipment costs 200-500 thousand rubles (in many respects the price depends on the production capacity, the manufacturer).

As for profitability, business recoupment, then we will not talk about it here – economic calculation is required here, and we are only talking about the idea.


Now it is important to sheathe high-rise and even private houses with foam, because This material is a good heat insulator. Therefore, it is in demand. But this is not the only sphere of its use, there are many others. All this speaks of one thing: this material will be bought if it is sold a little cheaper than its competitors. But for a start it is worth producing.

To find out the cost, I had to climb the ad sites on the Internet: the price of used equipment varies from 350-600 thousand rubles. With a customer base, its value pays off quickly enough – within 2-3 years.


Old car tires are cut into ribbons and then crushed, processed into crumb. All this makes the line for the processing of tires, and for it (as well as for other equipment), you need a production room with a length of at least 13 meters. Crumb rubber is a popular product used as an additive in road bitumen, in rubber compounds for rubber production, etc. Therefore, this is also a good idea for a business based on tire recycling. The minimum cost of equipment (read the production line) will be 50 thousand dollars, no less.

Of course, any plan involves the development of the technical part, the economic miscalculation, etc. But we only showed ideas.

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