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The paint is based on a light accumulating material – TAT 33 phosphor, which forms a glow in the dark every day for up to 12 hours.

Today, luminous paints based on phosphor are so safe that they cover human skin, creating colorful shows in nightclubs and entertainment parties.

Fluorescent paint is designed for different surfaces, choose the appropriate type and paint: wood, glass, plastic, metal, fabric, paper in a convenient way for you. Taking the usual brush and stencil, you can create a glowing pattern on the wall or ceiling, you can easily paint a souvenir, making it glowing in the dark.

A series of phosphor paints perfectly combined with different directions, create a business on the luminous paint in such niches:
– Interior and exterior design, landscape design;
– Luminous car wheels, external tuning, with elements of airbrushing on the body;
– Outdoor advertising, painted fluorescent banners, citylights;
– Painting of souvenirs with accumulative paint and their implementation;
– Live flowers and plants with a luminescence effect;
– Sparkling nail polishes, nail extensions;
– Glowing T-shirts, caps, sneakers;
– Outdoor signs with the name of streets and house numbers, systems; safety and self-luminous evacuation signs;
– Print unusual photos that will highlight themselves in the dark;
– Decorative pebbles for interior decoration, garden;
– and much more;

Create your own business with minimal start-up costs. All you need is a small range of paints for different surfaces. Choose your niche and start working, fasten in several directions at once.

Business Benefits:

Unusual product, with unique luminous properties;
Long shelf life of paints, more than 5 years;
The ability to open business areas in different niches;
Minimum investment, start working with small orders;
Absolutely safe product;
Additional directions for business owners, expanding customer base;
Flexible business model (provision of services, production, direct sales, integrated work);
– Ability to work in different regions, the implementation of the Internet and social. networks;
You do not need special skills to work with luminous paint, all work is carried out as with ordinary paints and varnishes.

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