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It’s no secret that many people today earn money by exchanging electronic currencies. For these purposes, there are a number of different virtual exchangers. Virtual exchangers are web resources through which you can buy or sell currencies. For example, Bitcoin, PayPall, QIWI, Webmoney and many others.

Most of these exchangers make the exchange procedure in automatic mode and thus instantaneous exchange takes place, but there are also those where your operations will be carried out in manual mode. Each such exchanger offers its own terms with different percentages (10-20%, or even more). Just in order to find a profitable option of the transaction, the monitoring of exchangers changegid.com was created.

Why do we need monitoring exchangers?

With this system, you can compare rates on various exchangers, which, as mentioned above, have different rates. Thus, you choose for yourself the most profitable option of the transaction and get the maximum benefit from the exchange. In addition to this, there are also obvious advantages of monitoring the relative “blind” choice of the exchange office:

You only get richer!
Previously, you exchanged paypal for qiwi at the classical and standard rate, leaving very little profit with you, then after finding a favorable exchange rate you can get the maximum profit from the transaction. About a year a very decent amount will come, because the additional 10% of income has not hurt anyone.

It is possible to exchange a unique and exclusive currency.
Changegid boasts a special section of the site, which will allow a double exchange of virtual currency. Due to this, you immediately decide the issue of input and output of rare currencies.

Exchange on your terms.
You are given the opportunity to customize the alert system by specifying the desired course. This way you can screen out courses that are unfavorable for you. Favorable terms of the transaction will come to you in the mail and you will always know about the best courses for you.

Changegid.com itself differs from other monitoring of the exchange of such features:

Simple and intuitive interface that even a beginner can understand.
Very handy calculator that will allow you to calculate the exact total amount.
The service monitors more than 80 currencies. You will definitely find the one you need.
Favorable conditions at the very beginning: the first lines of the list of exchangers are occupied by those that offer the most profitable for the client interest on the commission.
Display of a reserve.

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